Mass Drug Administration (MDA) for Malaria Mass Drug Administration (MDA) for Malaria

Several SMRU and METF team members participated in a course on mass drug administration during the summer of 2016. Five short videos were filmed (many thanks to Suphak Nosten for her help with videos and photography)

eCME: Internet Based Medical Training Project eCME: Internet Based Medical Training Project

eCME is an internet based medical training project founded by Guilin Pharma in 2014. The objective of this project is to setup an online communication platform using a web conference technology to breakup the geographic restriction of countries. This project intends to become an academic interaction gateway between the exceptionally well-recognized experts in their respective fields and the local Africa researchers and healthcare staffs on popular healthcare topics of Africa.

Burmese Border Guidelines - updated April 2016 Burmese Border Guidelines

The Burmese Border Clinical Guidelines are specifically designed to assist medics and health workers practicing along the Thailand-Myanmar border. These 2016 guidelines are an adaptation and update of the 2007 Burmese Border Clinical Guidelines (BBG) which was produced in conjunction with a number of organisations on the Thai-Myanmar border. 

Malaria Guideline - 20th Edition, June 2017 Malaria Guidelines

This is the 20th Edition of the Malaria guideline. It has been prepared for NGOs and other groups along the Thai-Myanmar border who encounter malaria. It is a simple, evidence based document aimed at providing a practical guide to malaria treatment.

Laboratory Technician Training Manuals Laboratory Technician Training Manual

This laboratory manual is a selected review of the main laboratory techniques used for the training of laboratory technicians working in the camp’s laboratory along the Thai–Myanmar border. All the tests presented in the manual correspond to the disease most commonly found along the border.

Training Video: How to Perform a Proper Thick and Thin Smear for Malaria Diagnosis Training Video: How to Perform a Proper Thick and Thin Smear for Malaria Diagnosis

Video tutorial on how to perform a proper thick and thin smear for malaria diagnosis by Stephane Proux, Malaria Diagnosis Lab Supervisor at Shoklo Malaria Research Unit (SMRU).



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