Malaria Guidelines


This is the 20th Edition of the Malaria guideline. It has been prepared for NGOs and other groups along the Thai-Myanmar border who encounter malaria. It is a simple, evidence based document aimed at providing a practical guide to malaria treatment.

Since the situation of artemisinin resistance in this region is so swift that the treatment options for malaria tends to be intricate and need frequent revisions depending upon the end results of the clinical trials implemented in this area. To help us keep this document useful, please send your comments and queries to:

P.O.Box 46, Mae Sod,

Tak, 63110, Thailand,

Tel: +66 (0) 55 532 026

+66 (0) 55 532 028  

- updated June 2017


PDF: Malaria Guidelines (English)


Malaria Guidelines (English)






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