Haematology Lab

The haematology laboratory was set up in 2010 with two main goals: the support to the clinical activities of SMRU (by performing routine blood analysis of patients and pregnant women) and the research activities correlated to the deployment of primaquine for radical cure of P. vivax.

Over the years, the research activities have focused on the characterization of prevalence, phenotypes and causing mutations of G6PD deficiency in the local populations allowing the study of safety of different primaquine regimens for P. falciparum and P. vivax; validation of new Point-Of-Care tests for the diagnosis of G6PD deficiency is ongoing and new laboratory tools for the study of drug-induced haemolysis are under development. The laboratory is also actively supporting clinical studies on the causes of anaemia in pregnant women (using phenotypic and molecular characterization of inherited RBCs disorders, such as Thalassaemia and SAO) and research studies on the genetic factors contributing to the onset of neonatal jaundice.

The laboratory is involved in different international collaborations for mapping G6PD variants in South-East Asia and is supported by PATH (Program for Appropriate Technology in Health, USA) for validation of new diagnostic tools for G6PD deficiency.

The laboratory is run by 3 lab technicians, 2 lab assistants and 1 research scientist.



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